Element Human – HX Workbench


The project

User interface design for Element Human’s HX (Human Experience) Workbench, a responsive web application that allows people to observe and quantify human behaviour and emotion through everyday devices so that organisations can better understand their customers.


It all started as an MVP as a result of an internal Design Sprint (May 2019). The goal: Designing a modular platform applying Brad Frost’s Atomic Design, where users can test their creative pieces to get emotional data from audiences.


I focused on designing a very clean interface using dark mode as a start. Taking inspiration from pretty cool dashboards out there, I started with some rough sketches of how this experience would look. Working closely with UX and developers, we had the first iteration ready by September 2019 and new features and fixes have been deployed since.


The current version of Element Human’s HX Workbench has been running for a year with very positive feedback in terms of user experience and functionality from clients.

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