User interface design for’s own ATS (Application Tracking System).

UI, Design Sprint, Layout, Sketch, Web app
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The Project

Monday Labs (’s innovation hub) came with an idea for an MVP: building the world’s most lightweight Applicant Tracking System, in order to help small and medium size companies in tracking their candidates. No more spreadsheets or inbox.

Taking Trello as a reference, we were focused on designing a very simple drag a drop candidate tracking dashboard, along with a responsive homepage explaining the product. I was working closely with the P.O. and developers to bring this MVP (or MLP – Minimum Loveable Product) desktop dashboard concept to life. Firstly, we had a 5 day design sprint, going from ideation to testing a prototype.

After validation, I designed the brand identity and put together a prototype in Marvel so we could test the initial solution with internal users (reed clients) and gather some valuable feedback so we could tweak the user journey when necessary. Final pages were designed in Sketch and uploaded to Zeplin. I also contribute in the email design for promotional purposes.
After one first release to internal users, results were quite positive, with a praise of the overall design experience and ease of use.

In November 2018 and after some tweaks in the homepage site, Redseat was released to all users.

The Project