Iñigo Gómez,
Senior UI &

Product Designer

Hola! My name is Iñigo and I'm a Senior User Interface / Product Designer based in Jerez, Spain. With over 16 years of experience in the tech/design industry, I'm specialised in UI, Product and Brand Design.

I also do digital illustration and caricatures ☺️

You can check out my recent work below.

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In their own words


I've watched in awe as Iñigo has imagined and then created an entire digital product brand.

Ben Sole, Founder


A super-talented and experienced UI Designer, Iñigo is one of the most creative people I've worked with.

Ioannis Karlis, UX Designer


If you are looking for a highly skilled and creative UI Designer then Iñigo is your man.

Michael Wickers, UX Designer

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Got a design project in mind? Just drop me a line! Let's make something "Goochie" together.

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