Nostos Genomics Branding Pitch

Branding pitch for Nostos Genomics.

Nostos Genomics
Branding, Logo design, Sketch, Figma, Brand guidelines
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The Project

Nostos Genomics is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of genomic data to revolutionize healthcare. In April 2023, I joined Nostos Genomics and initiated a comprehensive rebranding project. Starting with the logotype, I then expanded the focus to include key corporate elements such as the website, avatar, favicon, newsletter, email signature, social media assets, and brand guidelines.

These corporate pieces not only showcase the proposed elements such as the new logotype, fonts, and colors but also serve as an introduction to Nostos Genomics as a company. They highlight the brand's personality and core values, ensuring a consistent and cohesive identity across all platforms and communications.

Please note that this rebranding project is currently on hold and has not yet been fully implemented.

The Project