CiviPlus Website & Brand Guidelines

User Interface design & Brand Guidelines for CiviPlus's Website.

UX, UI, Figma, Web Design, Brand Guidelines
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The Project

CiviPlus is the smart nonprofit CRM, a platform brought to you by Compuco. The project was about designing a bright and concise website to show the possibilities of CiviPlus and its 3 main qualities: Simple, Powerful and Affordable.

All wireframes and content was set beforehand by Product and Marketing teams, and the initial designs for the project were done by another UI designer and myself. I then took ownership of the UI design while the other designer did the implementation on Webflow. The final logotype for CiviPlus was also designed and agreed by the whole team. A great collaborative effort.

Once the website was live and running, I put together its Brand Guidelines so it could be shared with clients.

Here are visuals for wireframes, first iterations and final designs for main pages.

You can download CiviPlus's Brand Guidelines at the bottom of this page.

The Project