Compuco Branding Redesign & Guidelines

Brand Identity redesign & Guidelines for Compuco.

Branding, Logo design, Sketch, Figma, Brand Guidelines
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The Project

Compuco, formerly Compucorp, is a company that deliver handcrafted digital solutions that help nonprofit, educational and membership organisations build a better world.

Creating a human-centred brand for Compuco was indeed a collaborative effort. Whilst the Marketing team was putting together the core concept of the brand strategy, I had the task of giving the brand a fresh visual start. The old logotype wasn't showing the values of the company as in its current approach to design. In some initial explorations, I played with different fonts and variations of colours and shapes. We had to get rid of the old, dated font and blue hues, quite cold and impersonal as the whole team agreed.

Finally, we set for Fredoka One as our primary font for the logo, a round and playful fontype that strikes a balance between clean and legible, yet warm and human.

I explored some variations in the emblem (C:/, did anyone get it?) till settling for the final version, with thicker lines. In terms of colours, I did explore some versions of the original blue, adding gradients. That didn't really work, and I went instead for warmer colours till settling for the final "Caribbean Green". We all believed that the chosen palette represents well the main company values: inclusive, human, empowering.

Here is the logo process and some applications.

You can download Compuco's Brand Guidelines at the bottom of this page.

The Project