Gratitube Identity + App + Brand Guidelines

Identity, App and Brand Guidelines design for Gratitube.

UX, UI, Sketch, App design, Brand Guidelines, Branding, Logo design
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The Project

Orbit29 contacted me back in October 2020 for an identity project for Gratitube. Gratitude designed and developed an app that enables users to practice gratitude, which has been shown to increase happiness in individuals. The app enables users to record daily video entries on what they have been most grateful for on that day. I was in charge to design the next iteration of the product, after initial feedback from MVP.

I designed a simple but effective logotype, "playing with play" shape and emoji features. I used two different fonts (VM Circular Shout as primary and Epilogue as secondary). After logotype, fonts and colour palettes, I redesigned the original app and put together Brand Guidelines for Gratitube.

You can download Gratitube's Brand Guidelines at the bottom of this page.

The Project