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Hola! My name is Iñigo. I'm a Senior User Interface / Product Designer, Illustrator and Caricaturist. I'm currently based in Jerez, Spain, after more than ten years living in London, UK. I work as Product Designer at Nostos Genomics. I've been Creative Lead / Senior Product Designer at Element Human, Compuco and reed.co.uk.

I'm passionate about all kinds of graphic and digital products, from logotypes, apps and websites to film posters, illustrations and interactive pieces.

My goal is to produce communication experiences that last in time and satisfy both clients and audiences. I want to be part of the ideation and development of digital products that make an impact and improve people's lives.

I like to have fun at work and consider myself a good team player. Always keen to share ideas, work in collaboration and learn from the best.

And yes, I always end up doing caricatures of the team ☺️

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