FluidNFT Identity + Desktop App

User Interface design for FluidNFT's Website and Desktop App.

UI, UX, Dashboard, Platform Design, Web Design, Styleguide, Figma
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The Project

FluidNFT is an NFT lending protocol that allows holders to instantly and securely access liquidity by using their NFTs as collateral, while also supporting the work of creators and missions they believe in.

In June 2023, FluidNFT invited me to join their team as a Designer. My primary responsibilities included:

  1. Creating a New Logotype and Corporate Identity: I developed a new logotype from scratch and established a cohesive corporate identity.
  2. Designing the Website and Desktop App: I applied Atomic Design principles to develop style guides and components, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly interface across the desktop app and website.
  3. Supporting Marketing Efforts: I assisted the marketing team by creating all assets for social media and collateral content.

Below are the visuals for wireframes, initial iterations, and final designs for the main pages.

The Project