Nostos Genomics Identity Redesign

Brand identity redesign for Nostos Genomics.

Nostos Genomics
Branding, Logo design, Sketch, Figma
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The Project

Nostos Genomics is a biotechnology company specializing in the application of advanced computational methods and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the interpretation of genetic data. Since its founding, the company had been using a provisional logo created in 2019, which was intended as a temporary solution.

In April 2023, I joined Nostos Genomics and initiated a comprehensive rebranding project aimed at establishing a cohesive, human-centered brand identity that truly reflects the essence of Nostos. Recognizing the importance of starting with the basics, I focused first on redesigning the logotype.

To begin the process, I created a moodboard featuring inspirational designs from brands like Wise, Unmind, Miro, and Slack. Analyzing these brands, as well as others in the biotech and tech sectors, helped me identify common patterns and themes, shaping the direction for Nostos Genomics' new visual identity. This exercise also clarified what the brand should and should not represent.

Taking full ownership of the project, I embarked on multiple rounds of visual exploration, experimenting with various fonts, colors, and design elements. This exploratory phase allowed for a broad creative investigation into what worked best for the brand’s identity. I narrowed down the designs to three main styles and developed mockups to see how each logotype would perform in different contexts.

Ultimately, I finalized a new logo for Nostos Genomics. The redesigned logo embodies the core values of the company: Trusted, Confident, and Comprehensive. It features a new font, Rethink Sans, and a refreshed color palette comprising Daintree Navy and Malachite Green. This new brand identity will extend to all corporate elements and products, including brand guidelines, the website, and the desktop app.

Please note that this rebranding project is currently on hold and has not yet been fully implemented.

The Project