Climate Edge Branding Redesign

Brand identity redesign for Climate Edge.

Climate Edge
Branding, Logo design, Sketch, Figma
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The Project

Climate Edge is a startup in the agrotech business. Founded in 2015, its mission is connecting smallholder farmers to services they need to succeed.

The company started to think about a cohesive rebrand project in late 2021. I joined Climate Edge in January 2022, and I was given the task to bring the new vision to life. The goal was to create a human-centred brand that "feels" like Climate Edge, putting lot of focus not just in the logo itself, but the rest of elements such as typography, color palettes and illustration.

Actually, the team was quite happy already with the old isotype (avatar), and the plan was to keep it if neccesary (as it happened at the end!).

We started the process by defining Climate Edge's brand values: Digital, Disruptive, Exciting, Data driven, Global, Automated, Empowering, Approachable, Accesible... This was a collaborative exercise that helped establish brand direction, visuals and also what the brand is not. I then took ownership of the project coming with various rounds of visual explorations, playing with different fonts and colours. I had freedom to explore and do research on fonts, shapes and colours, just to see what did / didn't work.

After 2 design explorations, we defined 3 categories (Technology, Business and Sustainability) and did some further explorations using mockups, just to see how those logos would play in different contexts.

Finally, we set the brand new logo. It represents Climate Edge and embodies its values: Dynamic, Empowering and Communicative. We kept the old isotype (avatar) and added a new font for the logo(Heebo) and color palette (Aquamarine). This new brand will then inform all Climate Edge's corporate elements and products such as Brand Guidelines, Website, and App.

You can download a pdf presentation with some initial explorations at the bottom of this page.

The Project