Climate Edge CRM Platform

User interface design for Climate Edge's CRM platform.

Climate Edge
UX, UI, Figma, Dashboard Design, CRM, Platform
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The Project

When I joined Climate Edge back in January 2022, one of my first tasks was to work on their main product, an all-in-one farmer CRM platform.

At the time, no final designs ready to production but just very basic wireframes were all the UX designer and myself had. As I was working on other projects such as the first iteration of the website and a Design System for the company, the platform was improving in its usability and visual aspect. Once the rebranding project was finished in summer 2022, the app got to a much more visually appealing state.

The platform is basically a CRM for farmers, offering solutions for Marketing & Sales, Operations and Analytics. Main features are: Bulk SMS, Scheduled SMS, User Metrics, Self Registration, Inbox (Customer Support) & Surveys. Main Journeys are: 1. Sending a message; 2. Top up account; 3. Adding Contacts; 4. Managing Contacts; 5. Customer Support.

Here are visuals for early wireframes, first iterations and final designs for main pages.

The Project