Climate Edge CRM Platform

User interface design for Climate Edge's CRM platform.

Climate Edge
UX, UI, Figma, Dashboard Design, CRM, Platform
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The Project

When I joined Climate Edge in January 2022, one of my first tasks was to enhance their main product, an all-in-one farmer CRM platform. At that time, we only had basic wireframes, and no final designs were ready for production. As I concurrently worked on other projects, such as the first iteration of the website and the company’s Design System, the platform's usability and visual appeal significantly improved.

By the time the rebranding project was completed in summer 2022, the app had reached a much more polished and visually appealing state. The platform functions as a CRM for farmers, offering comprehensive solutions for Marketing & Sales, Operations, and Analytics. Key features include Bulk SMS, Scheduled SMS, User Metrics, Self Registration, Inbox (Customer Support), and Surveys.

The main user journeys include:

  1. Sending a message
  2. Topping up an account
  3. Adding contacts
  4. Managing contacts
  5. Customer support

Here are visuals showcasing the early wireframes, initial iterations, and final designs for the main pages.

The Project