User interface design for courses responsive site.

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UI, Layout, Sketch, Photoshop, Web design
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The Project courses offer was quite outdated by 2016. Jobseeker site had gone through a major responsive redesign the year before, and it was time to face this challenge, killing the old mobile and desktop experiences and coming with a device agnostic solution in order to be competitive in the current market.

I was working closely with UX to bring this responsive concept to life. The UX designer explained the hypothesis (increasing conversion rates as an improvement on accessibility) and showed the user journeys. My main responsibility was redesigning the visual elements of core pages (homepage, search results and course details) doing it in a way so it felt consistent with the jobseeker site experience. Looking for common patterns and components (navigation bar, CTAs, fonts) and applying an existing styleguide was a must.

After user testing feedback and a soft release (A/B testing, so releasing the new site to 50% of users), results were fairly positive, with an increase in engagement and ease of navigation.

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