User interface design for’s re-imagined homepage + search results + job details pages. was looking for new ideas to create a better version of the jobseeker experience. The whole design team was asked by the Technology Director to come with concepts that could revolutionise the way users interact with search and also the way relevant results are presented to them. Features like personalisation, bots, discover option and location enhanced search came to the drawing board.

UI, Layout, Sketch, Photoshop, Web design
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The Project

I focused on a single concept: showing search results in a dynamic homepage. Taking inspiration from applications like Spotify, and knowing the possibilities of technologies like React, I started with some rough sketches of how this dynamic experience would look.

The benefits? achieving a better conversion and a decrease of bounce rate, keeping all the process in a single page. After showing the sketches and some early prototypes to the rest of the design team, we run a session with other stakeholders, developers and product owners.

With some valuable feedback, I created more high fidelity prototypes using Marvel and InVision Studio, showing how interactions and animation could look like.

The Project