Startup Startup

User interface design for Startup Startup, a marketplace where talent connects to create startups.

Startup Startup
UI, Layout, Sketch, Photoshop, Web design
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The Project

Startup Startup aspired to be the platform where talent connected to start up awesome startups. It all started around Halloween 2014, at’s biannual Hack Day.

The company wanted to diversify its portfolio and challenged employees to come up with ideas we could spin off into startups. While brainstorming in small groups, my team dreamt up connecting people with great ideas (or early stage startups) with talented people interested in joining a startup. The team created a working prototype and an elevator pitch and at the end of the 36 hour Hack Day the judges picked Startup Startup as the overall winner.

The team met some amazing people, done a whole lot of persona research, evolved the website from just a landing page to an MVP to what turned out to be the final iteration. The team managed to grow the community to well over 10,000 members from 100 different countries and 1,000 startups and ideas. From launching in June 2015 to "the end" in May 2016, 150,000 users visited to the site, spending well over 10,000 hours engaging with the community.

The Project