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User Interface design for Climate Edge's Website.

Climate Edge
UX, UI, Figma, Web Design
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The Project

I joined Climate Edge back in January 2022. One of my first tasks was to improve the current designs at the time (mainly website). This was a quick fix prior to the whole rebrand project.

I was presented with a very chaotic Figma file with not properly titled pages and a total lack of Mobile / Responsive designs (only Desktop was provided), but I did the initial work and served me as a reason to propose setting a new file with better organisation.

Their website redesign was the third project related to the company's rebrand, once all corporate elements and Brand Guidelines were finalised.

The website 2.0 design process was very collaborative and it took in total about 2 months, going from Moodboard / Inspiration to several iterations of the Homepage and final designs for 33 pages (13 unique templates). Lots of time was put in the research phase, making sure that our brand was properly depicted in the website and we took the right visual approach.

Starting with the Homepage, I designed all main unique templates (13 pages, both Mobile and Desktop) and applied Atomic Design (website was linked to our Design System file) and a modular approach to the design, creating Components for main elements such as Headers, Carousels, Menus, Cards, Banners and Footers. After all templates were signed off, I then jumped into every single page.

Here are visuals for old version of website, moodboard, first iterations and final designs for main pages.

The Project