Folded.Pizza Branding Design

Brand identity design for Folded.Pizza.

Branding, Logo design, Sketch, Figma
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The Project

My good friend and former team lead, Alex Cadoni, asked me to design a logo for his new business, Folded.Pizza. The brief was to create a logo for a new food retail business that positions itself between classic high street brands like Pret, Tortilla, Cornish Pasty, Itsu, Costa, and Café Nero, and local artisan/organic cafés. Folded.Pizza is not a dining restaurant nor a junk food outlet, but offers a new type of on-the-go pizza—a rectangular portion cut from a large baking tray, distinct from the classic round or sliced pizza.

After reviewing moodboards and initial sketches together, we finalized a logo featuring a folded slice of pizza. The design utilizes a yellow and dark brown color scheme and the Phosphate font. This symbol encapsulates the core values Alex envisioned for the brand: healthy, tasty, artisan, genuine, original, classic, unique, quick, portable, convenient, and smart.

The Project