HOSANNA - Identity & Artwork

Identity & Artwork for my DIY music project, HOSANNA.

Branding, Print, Album art, Album cover, Pixelmator Pro, Photoshop
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The Project

HOSANNA is a DIY musical project I conceived during the Covid lockdowns while living in London. I've always been passionate about music and playing guitar, spending a significant amount of time playing solo, with friends, and in local bands since my teenage years. However, life’s demands—university, travel, career, and marriage—kept me from pursuing a music project of my own.

Then Covid struck, giving me an abundance of time. During the summer of 2020, I spent countless hours playing acoustic guitar in the backyard of my London flat, planting the seeds for this project. I began by recording initial sketches on my phone. Eventually, I invested in an audio interface (Focusrite) and started refining these ideas, creating titles, sequencing tracks, and recording all parts while programming drums using Garageband.

Here are the visuals for my first album, "Præise," including the logotype and album designs in context.

The Project