HOSANNA - Identity & Artwork

Identity & Artwork for my DIY music project, HOSANNA.

Branding, Print, Album art, Album cover, Pixelmator Pro, Photoshop
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The Project

HOSANNA is a DIY musical project I conceived during Covid lockdowns when I was living in London.

I've been always passionate about music and playing guitar and I spent a decent amount of time playing by myself, with friends and some local bands since I was a teenager. Then of course, you go to Uni, travel, find a job, get married... I always wanted to come with a music project of my own, coming with a set of songs and designing the whole brand identity, but I never had time or proper resources to do it.

Then Covid kicked and suddenly I had all time time in the world. I spent most of summer 2020 playing acoustic guitar in the backyard of my London flat, and that was the seed to this project. After recording those first sketches with my phone, I got myself an audio interface (Focusrite) and I started to shape those ideas, coming with titles, sequencing and recording all parts + programming all drums using Garageband.

Here are visuals for my first album, "Præise", logotype and album designs in context.

The Project