Soil Design System

Design System for Climate Edge's digital products.

Climate Edge
UX, UI, Figma, Platform, Design System, Components, Atomic Design
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The Project

When I joined Climate Edge back in January 2022, one of the first tasks was to create a Design System for the company.

Soil Design System was born to help Climate Edge with the creation of seamless experiences for all users. Soil reflects the components, patterns and copy that make up Climate Edge products. These elements provide a unified language and consistent look and feel when designing for the CE ecosystem.

The use of Soil means: 1. Consistency, there will be fewer unique solutions for similar problems; 2. Making design and development faster; 3. Focusing on bigger, and more specific, problems.

Following Brand Frost's Atomic Design and using few UI kits and frameworks as inspiration (Ant Design, Bulma), Soil Design System was created in 2 single Figma files (Styleguide & Components + Icon Library).

Here is a presentation of the main elements of Soil Design System.

You can download a pdf version at the bottom of this page.

The Project